Who am I?

I'm dtothefourth. I specialize in programming and reverse engineering mostly and like to apply that to taking apart old games and making tools to put them back together in different ways.


What is this?

This is just a little place to catalog all of my various ROM hacking related projects and also give people the chance to vote and contribute to choosing which things to work on.

Right now only basic voting is available but new options will be coming in the next day or two!

What are votes for?

Voting is a way to either show support for tools that I have completed or to help me choose what games to work on and make editors for next.

I will take into consideration the votes here when I choose what to work on and maybe even consider entirely new games submitted here.

How do I get votes?

You get one vote when you log in for the first time with Twitch and another new vote every month.

Subs and active community members will also get additional votes.

You can also show your support and get votes for it by donating here: Donate